Savvica is an educational technology company. Our mandate is to improve education on a global scale by lowering the barriers of entry to online teaching and learning.

Online Services

LearnHub is a Social Learning Network. It is for people who love learning and sharing knowledge with others. It is a set of tools that make learning online fun and engaging, and teaching online easy and effective. This is a collaboration with Educomp Solutions, India's largest education company.
Languify is a translation management system for software projects. It simplifies the process of localizing software to multiple languages. Languify works with software systems of all kinds and has an extensive API.


This is where the Engineering Team blogs about Ruby on Rails and related technologies. (The very first post made it to the top ten on

Open Source Software

Email Veracity Plugin
The Email Veracity Plugin is a Ruby on Rails plugin that adds a model validation function for email addresses. It will validate email addresses several ways, and should be useful in nearly any Ruby on Rails project that deals with email addresses.
Immutable Attribute Plugin
A Ruby on Rails plugin that adds a model validation function for attributes that can not be changed after they are first set. Very useful for username and email attributes.
Fliqz4R is a Ruby wrapper for Fliqz's Video Web Service and Search Web Service API.

Past Projects

Nuvvo was the first self-serve Learning Management System (LMS) for individuals and organizations. Launched in December 2005, it quickly attracted thousands of users, and hosted thousands of diverse courses. Nuvvo went offline at the end of 2007.